Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mikrolets on strike!

“Mikrolets” have been on strike for the past two days and vow to remain so until the government does something about the rising fuel prices or, allows operators to double their fares from 10 to 20c. We are fortunate in that we can afford to catch taxis but the streets are full of people walking the roads, which are already clogged up with more cars including taxis. Of course, the taxi drivers are very happy as they are benefiting greatly from the strike.

We experienced our first traffic accident this morning. It was minor and no one was hurt. A motorcyclist rear-ended the taxi we were in and caused some minor damage to the rear bumper region. The driver appeared very apologetic and offered our taxi driver money. Instead, the passenger on the motorcycle got into the taxi with us, while the motorcyclist followed us while we were dropped off at work. The motorcyclist worked at a “bengkel” (mechanic’s) so they were all driving there to have the very new and clean taxi repaired.

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