Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Daniel’s trip to Oecusse

Daniel went to the enclave of Oecusse for work on Monday afternoon and won’t return until Saturday morning, at which point we get back on the same ferry for a long weekend on Atauro. Oecusse is separated from East Timor as it is located within Indonesian West Timor and the only way in is via an overnight ferry or an expensive UN flight. Daniel called me last night to say that the overnight ferry trip was better than expected because he and his three Timorese colleagues went on to the roof of the ferry (which is officially not allowed without paying for one of the upstairs cabins) and slept under the stars with a cool breeze. The inside of the ferry is apparently hot and claustrophobic, loud (thanks to the blaring television) and very crowded with people, chickens and roosters. He and his colleagues are monitoring the district court in Oecusse and interviewing survivors of torture regarding their thoughts and opinions regarding the justice process and where things should go from here.

Now that I am more confident with using “mikrolets” I do not mind Daniel’s absences as I once did when we first arrived. In fact, I quite enjoy the respite it offers in terms of much needed peace and quiet and moreover, I am partial to a mess free home (domestic compatibility remains an issue despite having lived together for almost three years).

After a three and a half week absence, yesterday Radio Australia resumed transmission so it was a pleasure to listen to Damien Carrick on the Law Report by candlelight as I washed away the remains of another hot and humid day in Timor.

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