Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Final stories for the year

A Friday night about 10 days ago I spent 1 hour 15 minutes waiting for a “mikrolet” with an empty seat to take me home; all “mikrolets” that passed were packed like sardine tins. In recent living memory, that is a public transport waiting record. I was determined to wait and eventually one turned up with a seat despite Daniel suggesting at 45 minutes wait (he had just turned up) that we catch a taxi. I said no, I was determined (stubborn really) to wait. (This trait is also what keeps me in Timor despite my wanting to leave).

Over the past week we’ve both had traveller’s diarrhoea (the first since we arrived); Daniel more severe than me as mine only lasted a day (8 bouts though) whereas Daniel’s has been going for more than a week. We suspect it might be giardia. He’s taken one round of antibiotics and it worked for about a day or two but reappeared again.

Over the past couple of days, I have noticed a new animal sound emanating from our neighbourhood that has been causing me fitful night’s sleep. I have no idea what it is but have guessed either a very large lizard or frog. It is not a sound that I am familiar with but it’s certainly very loud.

Another child died in Rai Kotu. The tell tale white piece of fabric was on display on the road outside the child’s house. I do not know the circumstances.
I’ve begun making friends with the little children who live in the alternative street I now walk down in the mornings to the main road. They’re all very very adorable.

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