Saturday, February 04, 2006

Farewell to another “malae”

Another of Daniel’s Australian “malae” colleagues departed today after a total of three years in Timor. She had worked at Daniel’s NGO for less than one of those years. A celebration was held in her honour last night beginning at Daniel’s workplace. Unfortunately, vegetarians were not catered for so all I could eat were potato and cassava chips. It was a much smaller and quieter affair than the previous goodbye do (see Baku malu number 2). A highlight of the evening was when Daniel shared a couple dance with one of his male Timorese colleagues! To see them dancing as a couple with Daniel towering over his colleague was indeed a sight to behold.

At around 9pm we moved on to a local “malae” hangout. I have never been out on a Friday or Saturday night in Dili to one of the popular places and it was a shock! so many “malae” and so many of them men. I was introduced to a gay Mexican man and his Brazilian partner both of whom work for the UN. This was only my second and third introduction to gay men in Timor; the first being a gay Timorese Australian man. I also discovered that evening that my doctor is gay and lives here with his partner.

We only stayed to around 10pm as I was very tired and it is difficult trying to get home by taxi late at night. So we bid adieu to the departing “malae” colleague and wished her well.

[On return to work on Monday, Daniel discovered that the evening went on until 4am most of which was spent at another bar singing karaoke.]

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