Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A “manduku” in my bedroom

Last night after Daniel had gone to bed I noticed a little creature on the white tiled floor. With just a small bedside lamp for light, I couldn’t make out what it was so went a little closer and the creature hopped straight past me to hide underneath the heavy power stabiliser box. It was a wee “manduku” (frog) and a cutie at that. I tried to coax it out with some sweet talk about its proper place being outside where it could eat bugs and drink water but s/he was having none of it and stayed put.
As we do with the cockroaches, I trundled off to find a suitable container to catch the “manduku” in to take it to where it belonged, outside. It was easy enough to catch but just as I stepped over the threshold of our front door, the little “manduku” jumped out of the flimsy plastic cup and landed straight back on the white tiles and tried to hop back into the house. For a split second I thought s/he must like it in there with us (after all, we’re an incredibly animal friendly household) but I managed to change the direction of its hopping along the wall of the veranda and down the steps into the garden where s/he belonged.

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