Sunday, May 07, 2006

(East Timor Problems) I found the dog

On Sunday I awoke to listen to Background Briefing on Radio Australia, which was followed by doing the crossword puzzle in the only English language newspaper in Timor. I soon called Daniel in to help and then we both resorted to the online thesaurus in word although we still cannot solve seven of the questions!
I spent the rest of the day reading half a book by the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho and at sunset went for a walk for the first time since arriving in Timor, alone along the beach. With so few people around, I actually felt safe being on my own!

I managed to track down the neighbour’s dog and throughout the course of the day, she ate two cups of Meaty Bites and even spent the afternoon lazing in our front garden. She’s a sweet little dog, with a golden blonde coat, but she cowers terribly, an indication of her less than desirable treatment. I am however happy that she is eating “dog food” (for the first time in her life) and hope that with time she will come to trust me.

That night we watched the final dramatic episode of series two of Spooks and as I couldn’t wait to know what had happened, we watched episode one of series three much to Daniel’s disgust who had to wait over two years to find out the resolution of the cliffhanger ending!

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