Monday, May 29, 2006

(East Timor Problems) "Our" family are safe

We again called "our" family this morning in Dili to see how they are and to our relief, they continue to fair as well as to be expected given the circumstances. "Our" neighbourhood has not been attacked by the marauding gangs of frustrated young men currently terrorizing Dili.
Upon leaving our home last Wednesday, we had instructed "our" family to eat any food in our house and this morning Senyor Raphael said they had been doing just that. However, he said that they did not know what some of the food was so left that for when they really got desperate. This comment provided some light relief for what has become a very serious and stressful few days.
Senyor Raphael hopes that the Australian military and police will soon restore law and order to the streets of Dili because our malae food will only last so long. It was purchased with the intention of feeding two not five (and possibly more) people for no more than a week or so.
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