Thursday, July 14, 2005

Second week update (house-hunting, settling in, work)

Quick update:

Samantha is feeling better and has finalised her position with one of Timor´s leading women´s and children´s rights organisations. We have found a house about ten minutes (by car) outside Dili. It is a gorgeous little house right on the beach with the Timorese family who owns the house living next door. We still have to do a bit of negotiating, but it looks positive. Alas, our efforts to find a nice place in Dili amounted to nothing with neither of the two extremes we saw having much allure. So apart from the commute and extra taxi costs, I think we´ve found the perfect little home. My job is going okay, my second week and am starting to get to know the lay of the land. We´re both learning Tetun which is (thankfully) far easier than Chinese. Things are coming together and it will be a great thing to move out of the hotel, Australian television aside.

More soon, esp. Sam´s first fortnight in Dili expose.

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