Thursday, November 24, 2005

An Australian film in Dili

Last night I watched Hating Alison Ashley, an Australian film starring Delta Goodrem, Saskia Burmeister, Tracey Mann, Jean Kittson, Craig McLachlan and Richard Carter which was filmed in Melbourne and King Lake West (north of the city). When it was released in Australia earlier this year, I had no interest in seeing it, put off I believe by the presence of Goodrem. However, when living in a country with very little access to Australian film or literature, what little that is available takes on added importance. So I purchased it from one of the two main local DVD shops in Dili. I was so glad that I did, as the film was highly enjoyable and very funny. The main standout of the film was undoubtedly the lead actress Burmeister who is an amazing new talent who I hope will go on to have an illustrious career. I also cannot deny that the character she played so brilliantly reminded me a little of myself and Burmeister also happens to look very similar to me! A pleasant surprise while watching the film was noticing an extra of who I only glimpsed for a brief second, and from behind at that, but there was no mistaking him: a Greens member and volunteer who I once worked with in my previous life as a paid staff member of the party!

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