Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Karau Timor (Buffalo)

This morning on the walk down my street to the main road, I came across a beautiful sight: a “karau” or “karau Timor” (buffalo) wallowing in a shallow pool of muddy water. S/he looked so gracious with her/his head held high looking out and observing her/his surroundings. It was such a gorgeous sight that I wish I’d had my camera!

We have started waking early and taking morning walks again. We leave just before 6am and return to the house by 7:30am. Due to the afternoon and early evening down pours, it has been near impossible to walk at dusk which was our preferred time of day. Yesterday morning we walked to Tasitolu Peace Park and discovered that the waters had risen considerably. There are still not that many birds although I did notice all the p ones: pelicans, plovers, puffins (I think). As we made our way around one of the lake’s perimeter, we came across the largest herd of buffalo we had ever seen: fathers, mothers and lots of baby buffalos who are just so darn cute! (I really have to restrain myself from approaching them for a hug.) Buffalos are so regal and dignified; I just love watching their graceful slow strides across the landscape.

Category: Timor-Leste (East Timor)

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