Sunday, February 05, 2006

Book update

Last weekend I completed reading The Understanding of Jenner Ransfield by Imogen de la Bere. However, I was most disappointed with the ending! I had so enjoyed reading this book but the ending was all wrong. (I cannot remember the last book I read where I felt cheated by the ending. On the other hand, I have of late read mediocre to downright dreadful novels.) If the book is made into a film, the ending will most definitely have to be changed. Because of its shortcomings, I’m not sure that I can recommend the book. What a dilemma!

Shortly prior to Christmas, I began reading the autobiography of Nancy Bird Walton, one of Australia’s pioneer aviators, My God! It’s a Woman. I’ve taken it up again as I’m determined to get through it but unfortunately, it’s quite boring. Bird spends at least the first quarter of the book talking about other people, which soon begins to feel like the book’s simply a list of male flying enthusiasts and their feats circa 1930. I’m normally very interested in the history of women pioneers of various persuasion. Perhaps it’s just that I’m not really interested in the history of aviation? (aeroplanes and airports, you may be surprised to learn, do not inflame my passions).

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