Friday, March 24, 2006

Aussie blokes

We had dinner tonight at the Dili Club as they serve the best pizza in town, for a price. The place use to be located on the waterfront but the government wanted the land back so the club had to move.

We arrived very early but still found a bunch of blokes at the bar at least one of whom was an Aussie. We went upstairs and ate on the balcony with a lovely view of the Toyota dealership and the Leader supermarket while Timorese passers-by gawked at us eating something that has never passed their lips. Moreover, the amount we paid for one pizza would take the average Timorese two weeks to earn.

The Dili Club is owned by an Aussie bloke and his Asian wife (she may be Thai). We were amused to watch the various heavy trucks roll up with unmistakably Aussie men, a number of whom had Asian partners, and only one of whom had a Timorese partner who was dressed in mourning clothes.

One bloke rocked up on his motorcycle and screamed out, “who do I have to shag to get a beer around here?”

Daniel and I yet again, speculated as to why these Aussie blokes come to Timor (see Sam checks in after nearly checking out). We rarely come across them in our work and generally our paths only cross at the Dili Club. They’re not the humanitarian aid worker types or highly paid AusAID advisers or the military advisers but blue collar blokes with broad Aussie accents and bad haircuts (one even had a mullet!) I still believe it’s to make a quick buck (a la some of the AusAID advisers) and hook up with an Asian but generally not a Timorese woman.

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