Monday, March 27, 2006

A baby girl is born

In the midst of brewing hostilities in this tiny South East Asian island nation, new human life emerges. The Director of my NGO went into labour Saturday evening and gave birth to a baby girl the following morning at 1:10am in the Dili National Hospital. What’s interesting is that my other colleague who gave birth last Monday (see An induced birth), herself was born five days after the Director and their final fourth and third children respectively were born five days, seven hours apart! A colleague said that perhaps the two new babies will grow up to fall in love with one another. I thought to myself but did not say out loud, assuming of course that both are heterosexual.

My Director’s third pregnancy was an accident as at the age of 38, she had already birthed the two children she wanted: a daughter (10) and a son (8). Now she has a second daughter who will grow up in a loving home and be given a good education. She will be raised to be strong and independent and an example of what is possible for the future generation of women and girls of Timor.

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