Wednesday, March 29, 2006


We experienced a power blackout in the early hours of the morning and at 5am when power was restored, the outside (security) lights on a number of houses in our neighbourhood came back on which set off the “manu-aman” (roosters). I think they thought it was dawn but little did they know that it wasn’t for another two hours! Still, it’s never stopped them before; they “kokoreek” (crow) at all hours of the day and night. I stuffed ear plugs into my ears which muffled the sounds of the damned animals somewhat although I could still hear their racket through the plastic material.

When I awoke soon after 7am, I made my way to the kitchen to make my morning ritual of ginger and sugar tea made from sachets imported from Singapore. As I looked out the window, I saw Senyor Raphael hurling stones with much force at a “manu-rade” (duck). I wondered what the poor little creature had done to deserve such abusive treatment, and noticed the small pile of food next to Senyor’s precious “manu-aman”. Ah hah I thought, the “manu-rade” was trying to steel the food from the animal which we had unknowingly procured (see The dollar sign on my forehead)! Still, the “manu-rade” could easily have been chased away but no, Timorese just love throwing stones at defenceless animals. It made my blood boil.

In a staff meeting this morning, the faint “kokoreek” of the “manu-aman” interrupted a colleague’s report. From where was the noise emanating I wondered as it sounded so close? It persisted, and finally one of my colleagues’ picked up her bag and extricated her mobile phone. As if the real life sounds of the bloody animals aren’t enough, she had actually chosen the ring tone of a “manu-aman” “kokoreek”!

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