Thursday, March 30, 2006

Shopping for DVDs

Today when I walked in to our local DVD shop, I discovered to my delight that a new shipment from Indonesia was in the process of being unpacked. Eyes literally green with envy spied the new titles for new finds. Quickly I noticed the second season of Desperate Housewives, the first season of Little Britain and a host of academy nominated feature films. Despite still being without a functioning computer, I decided to spend some serious dosh. As I poured over the new titles, more and more people entered the shop and I began to slightly panic. What if they bought them all up before I had a chance to get to them myself? I immediately began removing coveted titles and took them to the DVD player to test the quality (they are after all, pirated). It took me nearly an hour to test the ones I was interested in and by the time I went up to the counter to pay, my little stash had grown substantially. When the sales assistant told me that I could have two DVDs for nothing if I spent $40, it didn’t take me long to venture back to the shelves for my free copies.

I walked out of the store satisfied. I felt like I had participated in a bargain sales day at a larger department store in Melbourne. Unfortunately, the satisfaction in utilising my new purchases remains delayed to some future date and until such time as my computer is fixed. Until then, the new DVDs joined the growing collection in a cupboard at home where the unwatched titles amount to two dozen odd.
Shopping for DVDs and imported food at the supermarkets of Dili is my only form of retail therapy in the world’s newest nation.
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