Saturday, July 22, 2006

Skip works again as a translator

As I entered the security conscious entrance area of Leader supermarket in Komoro (most of the gates are now closed, allowing just a small area for entering), a young Timorese man looked at me and said, “Samantha, right?”
It didn’t take me long to recognise the young man as Skip, who had talked to me at length on a mikrolete trip months before. “Skip” I said, “diak ka lae” (how are you?). He replied in his very Aussie English accent that he was good and working again as a translator for the Australian military based at the RTTL (Radio and Television Timor-Leste) complex in Caicoli. I was happy to hear he was able to secure work again as his spoken English is excellent. Skip’s good fortune is an example of the increased employment opportunities during a time of crisis, perhaps the only positive thing about it!

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