Friday, February 24, 2006

China, East Timor to boost military exchanges

"Defense Ministers of China and East Timor vow to further promote military exchanges in their talks held here Thursday.

China’s Defense Minister also expressed his appreciation for East Timor's support on the Taiwan issue.

Timor’s Defense Minister reiterated his firm adherence to the one-China policy."

Source: Xinhuanet (from UNOTIL Public Information Office, Daily Media Review)
Many of the current leaders of East Timor spent the last quarter of a century trying to convince the world that the desire for self-determination of a small nation is more important than the appeasement of large bullying nations who use their political, economic and military might recklessly to advance their own self-interest.
How they can now forget this past and abandon a nation like Taiwan is truly upsetting. Pragmatic politics - maybe, morally bankrupt - definitely. The same goes for their lack of support for the West Papuan people dying right now in the same way Timorese died, in many cases at the hands of the same criminals who the Timorese government doesn't feel should be brought to trial. What is wrong with this picture? How quickly a comfy house and a padded chair turns the revolutionary into the protector of the status quo!
Category: Timor-Leste (East Timor)

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