Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Daniel is ill

Daniel has been very ill for the past ten days with a dreadful strain of influenza whose symptoms mimicked both Malaria and to a lesser degree Dengue Fever. However, blood tests have shown that he has neither. He has never experienced anything quite like this flu. For two or three days, he sweated hot and cold and became delirious upon waking from some very strange dreams. He has been slowly getting better but now has mouth ulcers apparently because of the fever he had. Due to a loss of appetite and the mouth ulcers, Daniel has lost 6kg, which can be considered the only good thing to have come out of the whole episode (I only lost 3kg from my week of lost appetite so he’s done very well in the weight loss stakes).
Poor darling, he has had a series of health issues since we returned from Bali (ear infection, conjunctivitis, serious flu) and is beginning to feel very ‘down’ as a result. Welcome to my world, I said!

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