Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Compassion for animals

Compassion for animals

I rescued Mr “Bibi Malae” this morning from strangling himself to death. He’d got all tied up and wound himself around the rusty object he was tethered to outside our property. I spent some time untying him and in doing so, attracted the attention of one of the local girls who lives in my immediate neighbourhood. She was intrigued by me, as I was not only untying Mr “Bibi Malae” but also talking to him as I did so. Was she thinking? that “malae” must be ‘crackers’ (as Wallace would say).

Compassion for animals 2

What is it that possesses someone to throw stones at an animal when it isn’t doing anything to warrant such a response?

The young man was taking an afternoon siesta on the top of a brick wall some metres off the ground. He sat up and began throwing stones at a passing dog. Why? What was the dog doing or about to do? This man was in no danger. Or did they perhaps share an unhappy history?

I guess it comes down to bad habits and behaviour learnt by watching others. Thus, change is possible.

Another education program I’m adding to my list for Timor is animal rights. (Mind you, we in the West need this too, particularly with respect to our food animals and those we purchase on impulse from pet shops at Christmas time to then dump months later after the novelty has worn off. The unwanted animal often finds its way to a shelter where it is soon euthanised after a new home isn’t in the offing.)

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