Monday, February 13, 2006

F-FDTL strike considered a revolt

"The National Defence Force of Timor-Leste (F-FDTL) demonstration held in front of the Presidential Office last Wednesday is considered a revolt against the institution of the F-FDTL and the state, according to F-FDTL Commander Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak. He said that one of the consequences of the action of the soldiers is that the people will consider them rebels or mutineers, and another consequence is that their action caused the President to cry. Speaking to journalists last Friday, Ruak explained that in his opinion they had no right to cause the President to cry, because the President is the father of this nation. He stated that from the East to the West, and the North to the South of this country, there is no family that did not suffer from the war. He added that even though the demonstration by the more than 400 soldiers has presented a significant problem for the country, it is possible for the problem to be resolved, as seen by the 174 soldiers who have already returned to their barracks as of last Thursday. He added that an investigation into the concerns would begin soon.

Meanwhile, Fretilin Vice-Secretary General Jose Reis has asked Fretilin militants and followers not to pay attention to the issue of “East” and “West”, as all Timorese are one people. According to Reis, it was white people who originally divided the country by using these terms, but Fretilin has always defended the unity of the whole country, and rejects divisions and regionalism.

Additionally, PSD MP and former Falintil Secretary for Region III Riak Leman has expressed his opinion that the “West” is West Timor or Indonesia, while the “East” is Timor-Leste. He stated that there should be no divisions based upon geographical location within Timor-Leste."

Source: Suara Timor Lorosae & Timor Post (from UNOTIL Public Information Office, Daily Media Review).

Category: Timor-Leste (East Timor)

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