Monday, March 13, 2006

I think I’m insane

Today we had no electricity; not just for a couple of hours as is the norm, but for the whole work day! My NGO’s generator functions but recently we had an electrical explosion in the kitchen that resulted in a small fire and a complete loss of power. As a result, my NGO is reluctant to use the generator!

What worries me more is that this unprecedented loss of electricity for a good eight hours may be a sign of a serious problem with the country’s power supply (diesel fed generators). In November and December last year, we experienced blackouts nearly every day and it just about tipped me over the edge.

The humidity rate today was at least 80% (the country’s average) and with no rain for nearly a week, the conditions were horrendous. None of my colleagues could do a scrap of work and most of us sat outside under a tree chatting. I read the executive summary of an analysis of poverty in the nation dating back to 2003, which cheered me up no end!

Today I drank three litres of water and since leaving home have not been to the toilet once. I have sat in a pool of sweat all day, occasionally wiping my brow with the little face washer I carry around with me.

After lunch I decided to go to the Hotel Timor for an hour’s worth of air conditioned respite. However, I have to purchase something to eat or drink and as I don’t like coffee, I bought a small chocolate cake thing which cost $3 (more than my Timorese lunch of $2) and it wasn’t very nice (those 10kg I’ve lost will soon creep back on if every time the power fails, I pop into the Hotel Timor!).

I seriously think I’m insane to live in this country.
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