Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A tale of Bali

I have just completed reading a most wonderfully entertaining book called Andrew and Joey: A tale of Bali by Jamie James. Daniel purchased it while we were in Bali and it was a very good choice. It tells the story of two American men (a couple) in their mid 30s, one of whom is an Anglo-American rising star in the modern dance world and his long term partner, a gorgeous Chinese-American. The dancer is awarded a fellowship to study dance in Bali and it is here that events unfold that change their lives forever.
Many contemporary themes are explored in the book, one of which is the dangers of romanticizing other cultures and the unintended impact this can have. The book was published by an Indonesian publisher called Lontar but also published in New York although a search on amazon.com resulted in no such book. I highly commend this book and would love to see an adaptation of it for screen in the future.
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