Thursday, August 17, 2006

DVD watching in Dili

Before we were evacuated, I had gone on a DVD spending spree and as a result, we had upwards of 30 DVDs waiting for us back in Dili. Now that we have a TV and DVD player at our disposal in Ai-tarak-laran and Daniel is able to bring his work laptop home at the weekends, we have slowly been watching some of these DVDs.
Compounding the abundance, however, is my colleague's own very substantial collection of DVDs, some of which I want to watch! However, I have been very disappointed with the quality of many (both hers and ours) and won’t be recommending many; I’ll simply list the ones we’ve watched and only comment on those I enjoyed.
Tristam Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
Mrs Henderson Presents
Man to Man
Keeping Mum
The Constant Gardener
(a profoundly disappointing film after having read the enjoyable novel on which it was based)
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking - BBC production – excellent
Girl with a Pearl Earring - excellent

Intimate Strangers - good

New Zealand
Rain - excellent

Campfire - excellent

The Baxter
House of D
The Libertine
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Head Above Water
Good Night, Good Luck - good
Saving Face – excellent
Just Like Heaven – excellent
Capote – excellent

We have also been watching season 2 of Desperate Housewives, season 5 of the West Wing, season 1 of Little Britain, and struggling to watch due to poor quality, the final seasons of both Six Feet Under and Queer as Folk. We are waiting for the DVD shop in Kolmera to get in new stock of these television programs so that we can swap our poor quality DVDs for ones that are watchable!

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Hi samantha,
not as much a comment on your blog, although it's really good and interesting to read about your life in East Timor. I was hoping to get in touch with you as I'm planning a research trip to East Timor and appreciate all information I may get! I have lots of questions, most practical questions right now, that I was hoping that you might be able to assist me with. If you have the time and energy, please send me an email and I'll tell you more about my trip to East Timor. Sorry if I sound like a weirdo but I'm serious! :)

By Anonymous Susanne, at 11:13 pm  

I'd love t see more pictures!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:43 pm  

I have been following your blog for a few weeks now. I enjoy your posts. I am attempting to secure employment in Dili and I may be heading there next year. Your pictures are nice, I'd love to see more.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:43 pm  

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